Day 530 – Possible new online friend

Wednesday, August 9th 2017

Today was good!

My work partner can be so irritating sometimes. He just gives off that “I’m always right”, thing. Though I end up forgetting about it, because one, he’s actually a good guy, and two, if I’m mad at him all day, then it’s gonna be a long one.

The other night a guy on twitter followed me and replied to one of my tweets talking about storytelling and animation. He asked me what program I was using and all, so I responded, and decided to check his Twitter to see if I should follow back. His bio was exactly who I am, the interests (author, game designer, YouTuber, plus the animation question), being a Christian, and the Myers Briggs’s personality, INFJ (the advocate). I thought that was crazy, on top of him liking Harry Potter and Doctor Who from his tweets. So after thinking about it all day, I messaged him asking if he was basically my clone. I thought it’d be funny if he said “what if you’re the clone”, so I can say “hm, I never considered that. Do we have to fight to the death to determine who is the real one?”, or if he tested me to see if we were more alike by asking a quote from Doctor Who or which Hogwarts house I’m in. And guess what? HE ASKED WHAT HOGWARTS HOUSE I WAS IN. I was so sure that he was reading my mind at this point. We talked for a while and he seems pretty nice. He’s more of a Nintendo gamer than a PC one. I was gonna ask if he wanted to game or something, but now I have to find another topic to talk about later on. I know I sound like I have a massive crush on him, but right now he just seems like an insanely good friend to have, given how much we are alike. (My phone autocorrect alike to alone, so for a moment my entry got really real and sad quick, haha).

That’s all for today.

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