Day 11 – 30 Days of Family

I had a sad day today. Not sure why or what caused it; I just felt down, lethargic, withdrawn. I was grateful for the few distractions I had in my day but for the most part I was inside my head, struggling; not able to get out.

I never know why I have these or when they’ll occur. Most arrive unannounced and unwelcome, but they arrive nonetheless.

Over the years I’ve tried to fight them; to pretend they’re not real and I’m ok; but I’ve learned in my year of healing to embrace these days, flow with them; use them as a way to slow my thoughts and repair my nerve endings.

If you saw me today, you didn’t notice anything out of place or disengaged…..but it was there, like a little tornado trying to find a way out, touch down and cause havoc. 🌪 I am not letting it out to destroy anything. It will settle in its own time, in a safe place and tomorrow calm peaceful sky will return. 🌤 I can wait, I have time.

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