Day 531 – Work problems & Batman

Thursday, August 10th 2017

Today was alright.

I learned a few minutes after the bell, announcing the work start, that a person who works in the factory died this morning, because of cancer. I didn’t know him, but apparently my partner spoke to him last week. I only know him of what bit of other people said, which aren’t bad things, but not good ones either.

My employer came up to us at some point. Been a while since I saw him, so ever since the first week I started working. He told me I must have a lot of patience to work with my coworker. I chuckled, since I thought it was a joke (typical of this place to have jokes like that), but my employer didn’t smile, so I was a bit confused. Later my partner told me he took offense to that. So maybe he wasn’t joking? Either way, I just let him rant, and didn’t really ask him about it possibly being a joke. I was tired, and if they have issues, they can resolve it themselves.

Anyway, work went by as usual. The coworker I eat lunch with and sees me as a daughter gave me more chocolate today, which is nice. I was also given a small coffee candy at the end of the day. Sometimes someone has them and gives them out. They’re really good.

At home I just played tons of Batman Arkham Asylum. I was fangirling so hard, cause of the Joker and Enigma. I played as the Joker at some point as he had a backstory flashback and went through his mind filled with creepy clowns everywhere, and Batman was this scary creature. It was cool to see his descent into madness and to fight as him, and Enigma, despite using blackmail, actually has good intentions, which is to stop the corruption. Though, he seems not as intelligent as he should be. But I’ll give it a break, since in this type of game, it’s hard to make super difficult elaborate puzzles, since you have to make several of them, more than a hundred I’d say, so it’d be way too time consuming for the programmers, as well you’re limited in space to rooftops and alleyways.

I didn’t watch Supernatural, since my brother was catching up.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 531 – Work problems & Batman”

  1. Hi, Obs! You talk about your work—do you have a job as well as high school? That would keep you busy! I like how you are a peacemaker, but you also know when to back out and let people work out their own problems. That is very mature. You are a very mature young woman, all around. God bless you!

  2. Hey, long time no see! I haven’t started school yet, but I’m not gonna continue working with school, since my job requires 40 hours a week. It’s just for the summer c: And thanks, haha ^-^

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