Driving A Car For The First Time (In The Road)

 My mom only teach me twice or 3 on basic stuff only such as how to start the car, the directions signs, reverse, and how to carefully give turns. 

So….tonight an hour ago, I decided to tried to go from where I live to another city that takes around 25 mins without highways (because I’m scare to try lol) and I did some mistakes which made the drive scary than the actual return back home.

Mistake #1

*I forgot to stop at stops signs like twice maybe or more

*  I thought I was pressing the brake were actually was pressing more the accelerator and almost crash if not careful

*  I did my turns faster instead of being careful to do it slowly

*  When I tried to park, I was pressing the accelerator instead of the brake 

*  I went to the wrong opposite way

After all, I made it back home safely and I don’t plan to tell my mom I went too far lol. Driving is way scarier to try in the first time alone 🙁

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