Hitting bottom / recovery / divorce

Today marks day 35 since I hit bottom and lost my wife and home.  Today however, for the first time in those long days that I feel a sense of hope.  But I digress…. the story didn’t start today.  

3 thoughts on “Hitting bottom / recovery / divorce”

  1. Hello there -for a moment reading your post I thought it was one I forgot I had wrote 🙂 .Glad to hear that today is a “sense of some hope” day . It seems that we have to work so , so hard to even reach one of them. We not only have to deal with the normal fatalities of life – like divorce , separation , the children , and everyone else who suffers within our close circle , we must also deal with our disease of addiction , whatever it may be about. The fact that no one else but us can realize or feel that our disease seems to amplify these normal fatalities of life such as divorce – separation of family , and I could go on and on etc- at least times 1000 . Enjoy your day of hope , there will be more , and then some day you’ll be asking yourself , ” how did I ever get through those days of hell ?” From what I have read so far – you’ll get there – because of hard work , honesty and all the help you have reached out to. Most don’t reach the honesty part . Forgive you and keep up the good work . 🙂 teh

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