I Can Still See the Waves

One sunny afternoon I decided to take a walk to the beach. I walked and just enjoyed the picturesque south Florida scenery that surrounded me. I decided to text her. “What are you doing?” I walked a bit further. She responded quickly. “Driving back from class in Ft Lauderdale.” “You should come meet me at the beach.” “Ok, where do you want to meet” “Boston’s” I replied. When I arrived to the beach I walked into Boston’s and sat down at the bar. I ordered whiskey. I waited for her. When she walked into the bar I got up off my seat, walked over to her and kissed her. She had beautiful fair skin, big brown eyes, and soft supple lips. I bought her a drink and we talked about nothing meaningful or deep in particular. She made me nervous. The kind of girl that makes you second guess what you just said after you said it. We walked to the beach and I set a towel down on the sand so we could sit. It was evening and the sun didn’t feel hot as it began to set. We looked out over the ocean and talked about nothing in particular. She looked beautiful as she sat there with her hair down, sun glasses on just looking out into the sea. I kissed her gently on the lips. Deep inside I was sad. I knew that I was leaving and that this moment right here was something that would only exist right now. It could never be repeated. It was just there. Something to haunt you for the days and months and years that would follow. Something you could never go back to no matter how hard you tried. Something that almost felt like a dream. Like something that wasn’t real or that never really happened. There are only a handful of these moments in our lives. But they are there. And she was there, sitting on that beach, telling me about things which revealed more about her than she thought she was revealing. A window into her soul. I will never have the moment back again, but it did happen. And it does haunt me.

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  1. I adore this piece with every bit of my heart. Dont we all live for such moments?

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