Today’s the day

Today’s the day.  I had planned on going by myself to the beach for the day but now I’m going with Tyler and we’re staying the night.  Now that the day is finally here, my nerves are back.  I am also excited too.  I just really want to get out of here again.  Well, i hope all goes well today.  Will update as soon as I get back.  I was actually supposed to see him last night but then he said he was going to Santa Rosa after he got off work and might not be back in time.  At first I was a little pissed that he would just take off when he knew we were supposed to hangout but I was having a “girls night” with my friend anyway and we ate a ton of pizza and I got carb loaded and really tired after that and I didn’t feel like going over to see him anyways.  Plus I’m seeing him today so it worked out better.  I just can’t believe how tired I was.  All I need to do every night is eat a ton of pizza.  Well, I’m about to get my stuff ready for the day even though it’s early.  I hope all goes well!

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