What is Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia means that the hip socket is shallow or that the hip joint is the wrong shape and fails to completely support the femoral head. A joint that is the wrong shape or shallow will wear out faster than one that has a more normal shape. The smooth surface of the joint has a thin layer of cartilage that can’t be repaired or re-grown by the body. This cartilage surface needs to last a lifetime, or stiffness and pain can occur as the joint wears out.

So now I have explained a little about Dysplasia I will now explain a bit about me and my case of hip dysplasia,  I am 24 years old, My hips only seem to have caused me an issue for the last 3-4 years I have had 6 x-rays and 2 MRI’s from 2014 to May 2017 and according to findings my hips where completely fine! Nothing to explain the pain I was going through everyday trying to do certain activities or the fact that every so often my hip will give way. I am quite happy to say after 4 X-Rays and one of my MRI’s I was ready for giving up and believing it was all in my head…( I know stupid right). 

Anyway I was working one day and I met this amazing woman who was on crutches…Long story cut short we began talking about the crutches and the fact sometimes I walked with a limp and she gave me all the courage to go back to my GP and argue till I was blue in the face that there was an issue and it needed sorting… I had another MRI and X-Ray and still nothing was found! But my GP didn’t stop there she knew I was suffering by the time we were in April of 2017 I had more bad days than good my legs kept giving way the pain levels increased. So on my next visit to see her we decided it may be best to write a letter to MR Buckley directly and see if he would see me. ( I had heard a lot about how he was an amazing surgeon and how he had the time to speak to his patients and try to understand exactly how they where feeling. 

My appointment came around quite quickly ( even though it seemed a life time away at that point) 19th June 2017 and I was sat in the waiting room half excited and half distraught he was going to say the same thing that nothing could be seen and it must be in my head….. We spoke for around 20 minutes he did some tests and sent me off for an X-Ray yes number 6!! This one was different though, I can’t quite explain how although I felt more relaxed, less on edge. After the X-Ray I went back to the room where I had seen him an hour earlier, He looked at the images on his computer and said “your right hip looks okay not too problematic and there’s no signs of arthritis but” ( there it was the BUT I was hoping for, sounds bad to think your hoping something is up with you doesn’t it? but I had been waiting so long spending years thinking it must have just been in my brain, why does your body do this to you and then…) “your left hip is abnormal, no arthritis can be seen but very abnormal” I asked if I would need surgery and he replied “yes”!!!.

I couldn’t hold it in my eyes burst with tears, I wasn’t sad…I was not scared….I was happy, Happy that I was finally been listened to, that I was on the road to being fixed, happy that it wasn’t in my brain! And now I have been referred to a Surgeon in Leeds who will be doing the surgery and my appointment is less than 2 weeks away… to find out the next step. 


So this is my story so far, apologies for it being so long winded but its been a while….The reasons I wanted to start writing this journal are

1.) I would like to help people who are unsure of the next step when they have been turned away.

2.) If someone is suffering with pain, unsure why it’s another thing to look into.

3.) It’s is something for me to look back on in years to come to see how far I have come, and whats to come in the future!

4.) It’s somewhere for me to vent when I need to.

My family, friends and other half have been so supportive throughout the whole process even though I have become more dependent on them as the days go on. So a massive thank you to you all!

Thank you for reading  


Step By Step


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