[39] ~*Sat – 08/12/17*~

[7:33 pm]

Looks like I skipped yet another day of writing. To be honest, I wasn’t going to write tonight either and wait till tomorrow night cause I feel like shit right now. Not even 8:00 and I’m already in bed. I didn’t touch the PC last night or tonight. So I guess let’s start with yesterday and make it to right now.

Once again, I was spoiled as my morning client cancelled so I could stay in bed later. I had my three clients and it all went well although in the back of my head all I could think about was the Casino later on. I had a good feeling about it! When I was done work I called my friend to see if she was done cleaning at her daughter’s to see if she could come with me but she wasn’t as they had barely started. That was okay, I’d play the money. So I got to the Casino around 7:30 and only got out of there at 12:45. MHMM! I first tried my friend card and only got $10 so I went and played that money and of course, didn’t win anything. I then went back and tried my mom card and OMG I PICKED THE $1000. I was freaking out so I called my mom right away to let her know. I wasn’t even sure if I should be playing it cause it was not my card and I was scared they would say something. My silly mom was working and she was ready to call someone to come finish her shift to come here to play it. The thing is, she lives 2 hrs away. I told her I’d play the money and I had to play it that night cause it was expiring at 4 am. It started out not looking good as I had spent $300 and only took out $140 but then the luck started so after 5 hrs of playing with a headache and super hungry cause I hadn’t taking the time to eat before going. I came home with $1025. I can’t believe it!! So I told my mom I would give her $200 and $200 to my friend and keep $600. Bouhaha! Hey, I did the work to get the money. I might give my mom a bit more, who knows, since it was on her card. Anyways, after all that excitement I was so tired and hungry so I stopped at Subway for some food for me and hub. Normally I would go eat downstairs and watch a show while I eat. I was so tired I just ate at the table in the kitchen and went to bed after. I didn’t watch any show, didn’t read or play my farming game. It was almost 2 am and I only had 6 hrs of sleep left so I had to get to that.

Hub hasn’t been feeling well, he always goes to the bathroom and I guess I caught was he has. Grr! I woke up this morning feeling like hell. Still got a headache and had to go to the bathroom and my stomach just hurts so much, get those awful cramps. I wanted to cancel my client but decided I had to still go. I made my way to her place with like 10 mins late cause I was stuck on the toilet. I buzzed her twice and no answer so I called the office to have them call her and no answer so I was allowed to leave. I was so thankful as I really felt like shit. I came home and got straight back into bed. I don’t know if it’s my dad watching over me but I certainly feel like I have a Guardian Angel with all those late cancellations where I can sleep in and all that money I won last night. I really didn’t think I’d come out with the $1000.

That said, I went out with my second client and I was still feeling like shit but it wasn’t too bad cause we were only seeing a movie. We saw Dunkirk which I really didn’t want to see but surprisingly I found it not too bad and I DIDN’T FALL ASLEEP. That’s a big surprise as I always do even when it’s a movie I want to see. After I was done it was Casino time again. Can’t win it all I guess as I got $10 on my friend’s card and $20 on mom’s and didn’t make any money, The darn $1000 was on the same card as last night for mom but of course I didn’t pick that one. So yea, tonight playing was only 20 mins compared to the 5 hrs of last night. After I was done I went to DQ to get an ice cream as I don’t feel like eating since I always run to the bathroom. I got home and had to go anyways.. Blah! I really hope I feel better tomorrow cause I don’t know how I’m going to manage the store.

I just talked about food and I’m sorta hungry now. ARF! I’m in bed thought and writing on my phone cause like I said, I didn’t even make it to the PC room. I finished the book I was reading and decided to write before starting another one. I want to sleep early but come on, not even 8 o’clock.

Anyways, can’t wait for Mon to come so I can give my friend her money. She’ll be so happy! I wish I could of made a hundred or two more tonight but like I said, can’t win it all. We’re still going on Mon, Tue and Wed so never know, might make a bit more, Hehe! Not Mon cause I only have $5 but Tue and Wed I still have a chance to get that $1000 of free play on mom’s card.

So that was my awesome story. Now I shall read and maybe go see if I could eat something. Hub is done work in a few minutes so I might just text him to see what he wants to do as I know he didn’t eat actual food on his lunch cause he was too scared to have to go to the bathroom.

Arg! I just mentioned food and had to go to the bathroom. This is not looking good at all. I don’t know what I will do tomorrow at work if I’m still like this. I guess at least I am where there’s a bathroom compared to my other job where I’m on the road a lot. I wish another sup or the assistant would be working with me so then I can go to the bathroom peacefully as for some reason every time I go a staff calls me for something. I guess we shall see how I feel tomorrow and hope for the best. 


[8:16 pm]

Well, I just called and asked hub to bring some KFC as I’m hungry. It’s prob a bad idea but, I’m hungry and don’t feel like making anything or waiting for him to make something. I also just checked our budget of the month and really we shouldn’t be eating out as it’s not really half the month yet and we’re at half our activity money but blah. I also checked the bank account and pfft, the house went up almost $9. Every time things go down and I think we will be saving some money, something else goes up and take up the money I thought we’d be saving. Hub said he will call the bank on Tue thought as we’re on a close thing and it shouldn’t go up. We’re normally on an open one but for some reason when the bank renewed the last time they put us on a closed one. Anyways.. 




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