Good Days

It’s been a good past two days. Things with me and Nathan feel a lot more better than before. I know it sounds bad, but for the first year of marriage…even though we have been together for almost 8 years now… it started to feel like it wasn’t the same anymore.  Like we just became used to each other and it was just a routine to see each other every day and we just weren’t in love anymore.  I just felt that way. 
We fight yeah, and I’ve contemplated so many times to leave because of how it was feeling.  I mean I was probably jumping the gun because it just didn’t feel like we were IN love anymore. Of course I love him, but it wasn’t that feeling of how you felt when you were in that stage of the relationship where you were both so into each other. I don’t know how to describe it.
But Thursday and today made it different, oddly.  All we did was go to Grand Forks to do some shopping for ourselves, and not groceries.  It was like a date day, in a sense.  We spent the day buying things for each other which was just clothes or games for one another, but it gave me back the feeling of us being in love again. We were more talkative and we were holding hands more. 
We went to my favorite chinese buffet and I stuffed my face so I was happy. (I fucking love chinese food.) I was dancing in my seat while I ate and Nathan just laughed at me because I got my food kick. Haven’t eaten there in months so I was REALLY craving it lol
And then we went again today and it was again like the day before, but ate at a different place lol. But usually he gets testy with me when I want to go look at things, but today it was different. He seemed more interested in why I wanted to look at cake decorating stuff and cake pans and what not, to learn to make more fancy looking cakes. 
He offered to buy me a bunch of stuff, but I told him no because for how hot it is outside I would be wanting to use that stuff as soon as possible haha. I’d be making my house into a sauna with all the baking I would be doing!
But it was so nice. I missed this and I’m glad I got to feel it again<3

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