Hubby Asleep

Hubby is taking a Saturday nap and I don’t know what to do with myself.  I don’t want to practice piano and wake him up—although I do need to practice for tomorrow.  Playing for the nursing home —did I tell you?  I try to go every Sunday afternoon.  I love those people.  They have so much personality.  A few of them don’t, a few just sleep.  But some are very sociable and they love to hear me play various songs, hymns, show tunes, whatever for about an hour. By then I am tired.  I go around to each awake individual and hug them and talk with them and often I pray with them if they are having pain.  The nursing home only allows them Tylenol, which is not a very good pain reliever.  Last Sunday I wore a black swishy skirt and a sparkly paisley-type blouse with big gold earrings.  Same thing I wore to church and McDonald’s, yes.  (smile)  I must have looked like a gypsy, but they loved it at the nursing home and raved about how beautiful I was and how beautiful my outfit.  They will be disappointed tomorrow.  Brown sweater and ugly streaked-brown skirt.  Luck of the draw.  Wish you all could meet my special friends!  Their smiles are lovely.  Some of them are just a wee bit older than me!  I don’t tell them my age, but sometimes they ask my mom—she goes with me and loves on the residents, too.  Mom is 93 and has cancer.  She is amazing.  She has an unfortunate habit of putting her foot in her mouth, but she has a good heart; I focus on that.  Aren’t you all glad you are not in a nursing home?  It’s something to think about and maybe thank God for!  I do.

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  1. I hope the piano playing went ok today? I’m sure it did to be honest, don’t even need to ask really! 😀 I would love to play piano, the lead singer of one of my most favourite bands ever plays piano and I’d love to be able to play her songs! I’m sure I won’t live long enough to ever considered for a nursing home, though. I would like to work in one, though the way I sometimes dress I’d scare the people there 🙁

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