Back to reality

Yesterday was amazing.  The drive there seemed super long because we hit some traffic along the way.  When we finally got there it was cloudy but I didn’t mind because I hadn’t planned on laying out on the beach this time.  We tried checking into the hotel which was under my moms card but it was booked through a different website so the hotel didn’t have it on file and they tried to put it on my card but my broke ass didn’t have that much money in my account so it got declined.  So embarrassing in front of Tyler.  So then it was a big ordeal where I had to call my mom and she had to receive an email from them, sign it, then scan it back to them…then my mom had trouble printing the email so she had to call the place and get it resent in a different form…ugh it was a mess.  I swear if I wasn’t loaded up on xanax I would have been sweating and shaking and freaking the fuck out.  While we waited for all that to get fixed we went to the beach for a little bit but he was wearing dress shoes so we didn’t go very far.  He didn’t even bring flip flops or anything.  He always dresses super nice…almost too nice for every occasion.  I mean who doesn’t bring flip flops knowing we’re going to the beach?  Then we went to get something to eat and by that time everything with the hotel worked out.  We walked around cannery row for a bit and since I bought tickets to the aquarium we went there for a little.  I had been wanting to go there and finally we went.  After that we finally checked into the hotel and rested for about 15 minutes before we went out to get some drinks.  We went to two different places and the second place is where we got super drunk. Well at least he did.  I was buzzed but started feeling like I had hit my limit so I stopped after awhile.  I was not looking to puke that night.  We were playing darts for a long time and then we danced for a little and then went back to the hotel and had sex.  He was wasted.  I fell asleep kind of early cause I was exhausted and woke up feeling great.  Wasn’t even drunk still.  He had a huge hangover.  He was supposed to go to Lake Tahoe that morning so we were supposed to leave super early but after he got drunk he knew he wasn’t going to make it.  Plus I had work that day but I really didn’t feel like rushing back and I was half hoping we would stay for a little longer that day but he was too hungover.  I ended up calling in sick saying my car got broken into and I’m pretty sure my boss knows thats a lie and is pissed at me cause I keep calling in sick.  Luckily I don’t think they work today so at least I don’t have to get the wrath today.  We left around 12 and I so wanted to stay or at least stop somewhere else but I knew he wasn’t feeling that great and was ready to go home.  We hit a ton of traffic on the way back so it was a lonnnnng drive back.  All in all the trip was so much fun.  Besides the little hiccup with the hotel, every moment was a good time.  Way better than our SF trip.  Now it’s back to reality and work 🙁

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