Hi . my name is mitali . i am a 19year old teen. i am kid with lots of problem in my life. i hate showing my weakness to the people i am close to . i hate letting people whome i love or like to see me in my vulnurable state. i have been like this ever since i was a kid. as u know the fact its easy to share a fact of your life with people you dunno… so basically thats the rason i am here.

2 moths back i tried to commit sucide by drinking greeece cleaner.that was the first moment in my life that i felt like dieing. you during school days i saw several kids trying to cut their veins for some meaningless reasons, some did it for fun. but during that period i never felt like doing like that. i have been through a lot yet during all that time the idea of dieng never came to my mind… 

first time in my life i was hurting soo much that i felt like dieing. my parents said such things to me that litrally killed my heart that moment. just remembering those words stillmake me cry. after that it took me a near about month to recover. things didnt change a bit even after recovery. so i decided that if even this doesn’t affect my parents i will just go with the flow by ignoring all the things that they say to hurt me. i know it isn’t intentional but still my feelings do get hurt. why is it difficult for people to think before they speak. why dont they think that the person infront of them is also a human being. and that human being also has a emotions. that human being also gets hurt by insults and hurtfull words.

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