Rescue the trapped child ……

Do you see the child who hides inside?

The child who cries without tears or noise

The child who feels lonely and isolated

The child who feels shame and disgust

Could you sit beside her and console her

Show her that caring can heal


Do you see how she judges herself harshly?

How she punishes herself for a crime she didn’t commit

Could you dare her to burn the blanket of shame and disgust?

Accept self-acceptance and forgiveness

Offer self respect

Accept self-love

Defeat negative voices


Do you see the walls she hides feelings behind?

Can you allow life and feelings to meet?

Accept hope and healing

Express how you feel

Accept you are valued and loveable


Do you see the loneliness she feels?

Can you reach out to her?

Be compassionate to her

Convince her to love herself

Show patience when she rejects the hand of friendship


Do you see the darkness she survives in

Dare you bring her into the light

Offer her the goodness of love

Hold her hand

Welcome her home

Heal the rift

To trust

Can you show her how to live for today?

To love and feel loved

To feel valued

To live without fear

To Live without shame

To live without fear or blame


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