Still the same old song and dance.

You: Don’t own up to your wrong doings. Instead, you blame them on everyone else.

Me: So and so hurt my feelings. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this in the situation but they were also in the wrong. It’s called owning your actions.

You: You choose to be a helpful person. You subconsciously do it to make sure you look very good to everyone around you. Then you hold it above the helped person’s head in the form of a guilt trip.

Me: I express how I feel about a certain situation. Explain I’m not mad but hurt. Tears were shed due to hurt feelings. Due to frustration. You call that a guilt trip. NOT A FUCKING GUILT TRIP.

You: Yell at people that are just doing their job because you weren’t satisfied. You cause a scene in the process making everyone within 20-50 feet highly uncomfortable. You then bitch and moan about the people that do the same thing to you and your co-workers in your place of employment. Entitled hypocrite much?

Me: When I have a problem with something at a business establishment I handle it quietly and hopefully in an area where the rest of the clients/customers/patrons won’t be disturbed.

You: Think that everyone should bow down to you because you are a “federal employee”. YOU WORK IN A FUCKING BANK. You aren’t the damn FBI or anyone of any consequence or stature. No I won’t bend the fucking knee.

Me: I am a peon that worked for a major corporation and think I should get what I pay for and nothing special more. Anything above and beyond is a bonus and will put a smile on my face.

You: Lie about how wonderful everything is in your life.

Me: A realist that actually says … “things are shit”.

You: Tell me I’m ungrateful when I’m having a bad day, and a burden. You then tell me I’m wrong when I try to say no to all the help because “I need someone to spend the money on”. Stop forcing your charity down my throat. I didn’t consent to that shit.

You: Think you are the only one allowed to have a bad day and think it’s perfectly okay to take it out on the people you claim you love. Abusive much?

You self-entitled, self-important, hypocritical pathological lying little cunt.

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