To Senior Year of College

As the time gets closer and closer for my senior year of college to begin I realize all that I have done in the last 3 years and wonder how I ever managed to get this far. It’s scary to think that in less than a year I’ll have my college degree in psychology. In a year I’ll hopefully be at the grad school of my choice living the dream.

It’s insane to think that 3 years ago I was walking onto this campus for the first time as an official college student and am now about to walk through the halls for the last time as a college student. It’s a bitter sweet moment, knowing you’ve come so far in such a short period of time (that as a freshmen seemed impossible and a long ways a way) but it’s here. The time you get one last chance to be a little dumber than normal. The time you get one last chance to go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and not feel the consequences it has on your body. This is it the last time for a lot of college kid activities. The last football game, the Last homecoming, the last basketball game, in my case the last dance competition. The last time you go through camp with your team because next year you’ll be graduated and life will be different. Jobs will consume our lives and we won’t be going out with our usual weekend crew every weekend anymore.

College goes by so fast and you’ll do anything to have one more year of it, but you won’t want to stay any longer you’ll be ready for life. You’ll be ready to explore the real world because college prepared you to be on your own. College taught you how to be walk into a room knowing no one and to come out with so many new friends. College taught you how to ask for help. College taught you how to just figure it out on your own. College taught you to do your own laundry, to clean the dishes, to vacuum your room. College did all that in 4 years because you didn’t have mom and dad around to do it for you anymore. 

You start to realize college is home. Freshmen year its scary but by the time you leave for summer you’re not going home you’re leaving your home. You come back sophomore, junior, and senior year and it feels right. It feels like home. Home is just a vacation from your real home now. Your college friends become more like family than your family. They know everything going on; if you’re failing, if you’re dating, if you’re sleeping around, if you found the one, if you went 3 hours away to see someone, if you bought that shirt, if you ate that cake your college friends know the ins and outs of who you are becoming. They grow up with you more than your childhood friends. You watch each other make mistakes, you watch each other be on top of the world, but you’re there to catch them if they fall.

College is the time you’ll learn to love, laugh, and cry all at once. College is where you learn having a pet fish is harder than you thought. College is where you grow and become who you are truly meant to be. College is where you fuck up more times than not. It’s where you answer that 2am booty call because in 5 years it won’t be there anymore. It’s where you go out late and don’t get back to your dorm until 5am. It’s where you stay up until 5am having life talks with a stranger who becomes your family. College is where you fall on your face and someone helps you back up. It’s where you decide that things you thought were childish are fun because you’re all doing it together. It’s where you buy the alcohol because it seems cool to drink. It’s where you throw up occasionally from drinking to much because that boy/girl really messed with your head and you don’t know what to do about it. It’s where you go to the party to get your mind off everything. It’s where you get the car and realize the next day the driver might not have been sober. It’s where you stumble back to your room every night after hours and hours of homework just wanting to sleep all day but knowing you have class at 8am. College is where you learn the most about yourself and others. College is where you live in the moment so much the moment goes away so quick. College is where your friends show you snapchats of how drunk you got last and you beg them not to post them. It’s where you take your left over alcohol home for summer and try to hide it in your room so your parents don’t know. It’s where you learn you’re parents did what you’re doing when they were your age. It’s where you see how much your parents really did for you and how much you really wish them doing laundry for you. College is where you go to Walmart at 2am. It’s where Taco Bell is a staple part of your diet. Where you know the pizza delivery guy by name. Where you decide you wanna become a better person and people help you become that.  College is where freshmen year seems so awesome because everything is new while sophomore and junior are blah and senior year is stressful as hell . But even with all the stress you find time to go out. College is where you make the best memories of your life. It’s where you’ll wanna stay forever because you seem so invincible. 

It’s time to make the last year the best year. 

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