Chapter 2

Hello friends:

It is day 38 now, the longest days of my life.  I attend meetings every other day, have a sponsor, see an addiction therapist once a week and with whom I exchange multiple emails every day.  I hope that I am doing everything in my power to control something so out of control, so insane, that I lost my life.  

We have progressed little, my addiction expert wife and me.  But our conversations have grown less angry and more civil.  We attended a funeral yesterday as husband and wife, actually had dinner at a restaraunt for the first time in over 38 days yesterday.  It was pleasant and we spoke of me moving back in.  I now wonder if that is only financial based.  My heart is heavy.  

How do I determine if she is genuine or just trying to get the bills paid for another month?  We actually touched at the funeral, but I’m not sure that wasn’t just for show.  I hate this roller coaster ride BS.  Give me an ounce of truth and let me work with that.  

So am I being manipulated?  Do I ever dare deserve one more chance?

Question friends:  If I live away for one more month, do our chances of reconciliation decrease or increase?

Thank you,





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