Day 534 & 535 – Water park & frustrated

Was too tired Sunday to write my entry, which is why I have two in one again.

Sunday, August 13th 2017

We went to a big water park. We haven’t been there for quite a few years, but it’s as fun as ever. We got there upon opening, so there wasn’t anyone in line for anything. Cause of that, we got the big rides out of the way, then I went on the more relaxing ones and just chilled with my mom by the wave pool, since I was too tired and she says she can’t handle big rides anymore.

We had fun, got icecream, a pirate talked to us (one of the mascots; they were all on break next to us and the pirate came to talk a bit), and it was the first time in a while I got to enjoy a picnic with my family.

At home I was exhausted and I just relaxed, played video games and watched Supernatural.

Monday, August 14th 2017 

I went to work as usual, but had a different partner, since my other one was on vacation. Though what’s weird is that they put him with me when he never really operated the machine, since he works in a different building, and he’s colourblind, but the job includes colours quite a lot. So I’m not sure why they chose him, but hey, he’s a pretty nice guy so far, and we both manage. He doesn’t seem to mind me being so quiet either, which is nice for once, since most people at my workplace are loud and like talkative people.

At home I played Batman Arkham Origins and I’m SO salty. I spent HOURS collecting all of Enigma’s data packs throughout the map, having to look up some of their locations since they can be hard to find, then I FINALLY got all of them and got SUPER excited to go into the secret room. I was excited for some epic battle or interesting dialogue (although his dialogue is pretty lame and doesn’t fit his true personality at all, but maybe he could redeem himself), but guess what I got? A TINY TROPHY. And no, no dialogue, no battle, not even music, just a trophy, saying he’s the Riddler behind a wall surrounded by random trash. I mean whaaaat? Enigma (noun : a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling (cough cough), or difficult to understand), is the RIDDLER? I would’ve never guessed, except for the GREEN QUESTION MARKS EVERYWHERE AND HOW EVERYONE KNOWS THATS JUST THE OTHER NAME FOR THE RIDDLER. Ugh. I loved the Joker in the game, except his outfit, but he was great, his personality was great, the fights we’re great, the voice was great, his creepy face added to it all… But Enigma… Personality was the one of a rebellious teen, the voice of a teen, I didn’t even get a face reveal (although you can search it online), his puzzles weren’t difficult, just annoying to find where everything was… Come on. I was having so high hopes for him at the start of the game. I got super excited to know the Riddler had a big enough part, but nope.

That’s all for today.

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