Dysfunctional family

Looked up all the effects of a dysfunctional family and I had almost all of them as described – history of violence, criminal tendencies, unable to care for myself, join a cult to find acceptance, poor grades, selfish attitudes, procrastination, find an abusive partner, poor self image and low self esteem, difficulty expressing emotions, speech problems, suicidal tendencies, depression, anxiety, eventually become poor or homeless, bullied or abused others, problems with anger, denial, love -hate towards family members, trouble forming healthy relationships, lacking social interaction, and feeling unloved. I’ve been angry at the world and depressed. I can’t help but ask how come no one understands why I am the way I am? Why does no one seem to try? Why is it so difficult for people to understand my problems and help me solve them?

2 thoughts on “Dysfunctional family”

  1. Honey, I don’t know if I can solve your problems. Well, I know I can’t. But I know the One who can. I had a very dysfunctional childhood, and it left scars and open, bleeding wounds. Counseling didn’t help. So this is what I will say: I will pray for you. He can help. And He will. Love to you.

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