Hardcore Thirdwheeling

Not joking, like seriously yesterday was some next level shit right there. 

I’m used to hanging out with my friends along with their boyfriends, never botherd me as there I am also included as much. 

But then when we got to the a playground in the city, we met some other friends too and I didn’t really think much of it. 

UNTIL I am just like sitting by the side looking at the swings and there my bestfriend is sitting cuddeling with her boyfriend. And Then to my side there is my other bestfriend play fighting with her boyfriend and they were so adorible. And then behind me theres my other friend talking about life with her date and just like i ship it!

But then as I’m sitting there with 6 other people, I realize I’m the only one sitting alone. 

Like It got awkward, wtf do I do? Should I go talk with them? Or nah, that will probably ruin the romance? Maybe I should go to the couple on the swings, wait no that would be so awkward.

In the end I just ended up laying down on a bench staring at the sky not minding all the cuteness surrounding me. 

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