Tuesday August 15th

I am having a really tough day. It is only 11:08am. My anxiety is eating me up. I have already done my walk. I don’t have anything else to do today. Everything is upsetting me. I feel scared and alone. I don’t think my therapist is helping me. I have been to her three times and I don’t feel good about it. I need to find someone else.

One thought on “Tuesday August 15th”

  1. This will sound silly, but when your anxiety peaks be sure to take deep breaths. We tend to breathe very shallow when having anxiety and we need the oxygen. It will help. I hope you find a really excellent counselor. God, our Father, please provide her with one. Don’t be afraid of medication, too. Ativan is a wonderful one for anxiety. I have to take it daily. So I am calm. Even just going to church can make me anxious, because I will see so many people (it’s a big church) and…I don’t know. Anxiety doesn’t need a reason, does it? It’s a brain chemistry problem in many ways, not a reality problem always. God bless you. I am proud of you for resisting the pull of suicidal thoughts. Suicide is evil, and never a solution. I’ve been there, too. Lord God, save this precious lady from thoughts of ending her life, and give her a meaningful and happy life to live here on earth. Thank you, Lord.

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