[42] ~*Wed – 08/16/17*~

[4:23 pm]

I might as well write now since I’m at the club and have “free time” and I know I’ll prob be too tired to write later tonight. I still have to shower and wash my hair and just to think about it makes me so tired. 

Yesterday I was off and glad I was cause it was real hell. The night was terrible due to the cramps and I couldn’t bare it anymore. At like 7:00 I went to see hub and asked him to go to the pharmacy to get me something which he did. It was supposed to help with diarrhea which hasn’t yet as I still have it, I just don’t go as often but it did help a lot with the cramps. I spent my day in bed beside when I got out to go to the Casino. I felt horrible but I still went just in case we would of won some money. I got back home and straight back to bed I went. Around 10:00 hub came to see how I was doing which I was a bit hungry but was scared to eat. He made me some soup and of course, I puked before eating. I still forced myself to eat cause I had nothing left in my body. I couldn’t even keep liquid in as I was always peeing. How can someone still go to the bathroom so much when you have nothing left in you?! 

Anyways, this morning I was still feeling sick and didn’t know if I should cancel or not. My first client had a food bank appointment so I hate cancelling that so I was going to try to make it through that one client. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to grab a drink and of course, I puked. I’m glad I walk around with a bucket. After that I really wanted to cancel the client but decided to sleep in some more and wait which I’m glad I did cause she ended up cancelling. I then slept some more and got up around noon and felt better. I was going to cancel my day to make sure I’d get better but got an email from the office saying I was losing hours Sat so I decided to get my ass to work cause I’m losing too many hours. Of course I got to my first client and she wasn’t there. Blah! I could of stayed in bed longer. I went to my friend’s in between and man, I’m so drained. I’ve pretty much spent two days in bed but I got no energy. 

I want to sleep right now. I can’t believe it’s not even 5:00 yet. I’m thinking about that shower and I don’t know about it. I really need to wash my hair, it’s so disgusting but I have no energy and we are going to the Casino. Looks like we’re also going on Fri and Sat cause when I was at my friend she checked the mail and she got another thing for this weekend. This is crazy!




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