Been so long

It’s been such a long time … 

I have been doing well managing my anxiety, I guess I haven’t felt I needed this… but I am happy to come back. 

My 1 year anniversary is coming up and I can not wait to get away with my hubby. I’ve been managing 2 jobs and I think that has helped with keeping me busy and not over thinking. I still feel a bit isolitive at work but I do have 1 friend I have been hanging out with. My hubby and I even have. Couple friend !!! Yes we actually go out with another couple almost every Saturday night. My drinking has definitely increased but I am 23… screw it. 

What brings me here tho is my struggle to be pregnant. I am writing here because of how much this helped me a few months back, I can feel some on my EWS (early warning signs) coming on and I don’t want to get back to that unpleasant place. We have only been trying for a few months so I shouldn’t be worried or this impatient yet. But … I am. Currently I have taken 3 tests and I’m only 2 days late … i feel like I have symptoms but it’s probably just my flow coming again. I just want to be a mom. It took my mom 8 years and 4 miscarriages until she conceived me … that fear is a stems this anxiety. 

Thats my biggest update …

Tasha Out 😘

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