Confessions of an Anonymous Star F*** Love by Iggy Azalea

Above Pic: One of the artist I empower, while I still await to record…and write…and so on

Acceptence is a powerful phenomenon. 

Still, I intermingle it with precautions of processes that basically eliminate the true access to a functional (by means of what society terms as functional) relationship. 

Tonight, I remembered hearing the voice of my mom tell me I was gay, yet when I say that to myself, things don’t feel right. 

For whatever reason it is life has elongated my yearning for what we have been conditioned to believe is true love. My days are an exchange of feeling hopeful about romance vs the shattering truth that such is an illusion. This journey I’ve chosen mercilessly expects one to weave entertainment from the truth, so basically, I’m f*****. 

The extent of jealousy of my immediate family always rears its head, when my car is driveable. Romance and transportation are two ways life has chosen to f*** me. If that were to change, it’d find something else to take away….

In the immortal words of Iggy Azalea: F*** Love


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