[43] ~*Thu – 08/17/17*~

[6:00 pm]

What ever I had, still have, is a hell of a pain. I don’t think I’ve ever had this before. I don’t know if it’s stomach flu or food poisoning but I can’t wait for this to be over and done with. I feel so useless and I hate myself for missing some work. I did my day of work yesterday and was it ever long. I had no energy and just wanted to sleep. Of course, after work me and my friend went to the Casino to try our luck once again but nothing. I got $20 and she got $15 so we didn’t make any money. After we were done I was so hungry and for some weird reason I was craving wings so we went out for wings which was prob a very bad idea considering my situation. I didn’t do much after that, I stopped at McDonald’s for some food for hub which took half an hour. Arg! I was so very tired and just wanted to get home and in bed. I needed to take a shower to wash my disgusting hair but I just couldn’t.

Today I woke up and was still feeling awful. I was going back in forth from sitting down to walking around to see if I could manage work and in the end I called in to cancel my two clients. I felt so very bad for doing so but I knew that if I was going to work I wouldn’t get any better and would just keep dragging along what ever I have so I made the decision to cancel and go back to bed. I did go for my client at 4:00 and that was pretty much it. I made myself some soup but I made way too much. I felt so hungry that I made a lot but of course once I started eating I didn’t feel like eating too much. Oh well. I’m trying my hardest not to do anything this evening to keep my strength and get better but it’s so hard. I swept the upstairs floors while my soup was cooking and now I’m trying very hard not to do any laundry as I still need to shower. I know it’s not much but when you’re sick it doesn’t take much to drain you especially when you don’t really eat. At least I’m feeling better right now.

I have so much catching up to do on shows as I haven’t been watching anything. I also need to call back the guy for the doors as he had called on Tue and left a message for us to call back and I haven’t yet. I really don’t like being sick. I already don’t have much time to do my things and now I feel like I have a million things to do but no energy to do anything at all. If I’d be listening to myself right now I’d be going to bed.


[8:05 pm]

I finally took a shower and man that felt good. I wanted to just stay there standing under the water and hoping my sickness was leaving with the water. I’m a bit scared of seeing my hair as always but I feel a thousand times better now that I finally showed. I feel so dirty saying that as if I haven’t washed myself in ages. I did take some baths but the shower was just something different, felt good. Now I’m trying to keep myself from doing any more tonight as I also did the dishes a bit earlier. I’m also currently drinking a Gatorade cause people say it helps with upset stomach so I bought one earlier. I’m not a fan of those drinks but this one actually pretty good, kinda wish I would of bought more to be honest.

Back to watching shows!




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