August 2017 issue


The world is inundated with so many troubles. But unfortunately and mostly, they did not realize that the grave problem which they did not focus is in the health industry. We have now the greatest problem of the so called super bug. In Malaya newspaper, opinion of the day, you will find that the drug resistant organism is now almost in Pandemic. E. Coli, Kleibsila and a host of an old micro organisms had already mutated into a superbugs. Plague during the 14th century killed 75 million people, and this new found superbug could annihilate us with calculation if the trend of solving it would not be accurately acquired and cant stop the expected holocaust. Surely, the government are more engulfed in solving with the present social problem of unrest, and billions of dollars are spent just to ease our peace problem. Billions are spent for weapons of mass destruction just to prove their supremacy to the others. Once this superbug will start their virulence, in such a manner that no antibiotic can be found, then, that’s it, the end of mankind.
Although, USA showed some good signs of economic recovery, the people are not yet united. Honestly, the trouble is somewhere in the leadership. Trump is trying hard, but the Democrats are destroying him almost in all corner. There is unrest about White Supremacist, and there is trouble in the South and North Carolina, and also Virginia. There is unrest and protest, and if this one will not be peacefully solved, there is a possibility that America will be shaken so hard. California per se, are bound to separate from the Federal Government, and it is not healthy for Trump Leadership. He is also hounded by North Korea . Some of the political Scientist believe that North Korea is now capable of launching the ballistic missiles that can reach part of United States, especially in the colony of Guam. Canada should also prepare, or else we will be lost in the passing. They said that our homeless people are not given some focus by the Trudeau Government. he is hooked up by his program of solving foreign problems, and the money are siphoned by this directions. So what happened is that, our national budget deficit is way above proportion. The true Canadians are poorly cared, while those who are new are given an extravagance of generosity. And the coffee shop prediction is that, Trudeau will no longer be voted again. The First nation people are no longer kind to him, and he is crticized by their leader as one who has no balls to help the natives. But anyway, there are still many years, and he is young, maybe he can correct it along the way.
Today is August 16, and just a few days ago, Philippines again killed suspected drug personalities, maybe 32 people were killed in one night alone. The poor are always victims of the so called drug war of Digong. And just of the same week, the Philippine Senate again orchestrated a drama investigation about the Importation of high Quality Amphetamine from Mainland China. And a certain Kenneth Dong, who is a close acquaintance of the Son of Digong is implicated. In the first shipment the worth is 6.4 billion peso, and the second is 22.8 billion peso, and it passed in the so called green lane ( express lane) in the custom terminal of Manila. Faeldon, the Commissioner cried, when he accepted that there are lots of corrupt custom officers, but fortunately he was not able to control, Mark Taguba, who was well verse in his testimony, that a strong politician is behind in this illegal transaction. Paolo which was mention as one of the smuggler associates, was protected heavily by the senators, that he should not be questioned and they are also the one telling that polong has no hands in the importation. But judging on the on going investigation, it is very clear, that the Politician that should be investigated fully should be him, but all are coward to do it, except Senator Trillanes and the rest of the five opposition senators. Is that the way how we stop the drug menace? The Poor are killed and the bigfish is still swimming gallantly in this present governance.
There are lots of Questionable Politicians in our country. But to those who are rivals of the President in business, just be careful, you will die even if you are of the same party. Good if the killing is within the legal methods of execution, but the manner is very much questionable. The Parojinogs are notoriously linked to the Robbery Mafia in the country, but in his area of jurisdiction he was dubbed by his people as a modern day Robin Hood. People testifies about their generosities, and by that reason, they were all elected in the local and provincial Government. But when a killer police officials was assigned to their city, they were all killed extrajudicially, just to award a trophy to Digong in his fight against Drugs. There was no case filed against them, but it was claimed that the Police were serving a Search Warrant. It was served at a very questionable hour at dawn. Since it was the Police, they were opened, and was shot point blank by the Police with no atrocities. They allegedly lobbed a grenade to the couple and then shot them on their head. In short it was a clear execution of police brutality. And now they are filing a drug case to the couple to have a post-mortem rationality of their wrongdoings. it was really a shocking incidence, same as what happen to Mayor Espinoza in Albuera, Leyte. That is what is happening now in our country, the Law of the lawless.

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