Day 536 & 537 – Portfolio, weird mood swings & complaint

Tuesday, August 15th 2017

I remember really wanting to say something in this entry, but I totally forgot what. But work went by as usual, nothing great there that I could remember. I’ve been practicing my portfolio, and have been getting far, which is nice. I also watched Supernatural as usual. Oh! Also, apparently a comment I put on YouTube got 65 likes in the past month, which is nice, haha.

Wednesday, August 16th 2017 

Today was good! I was in a much better mood than usual, for the most part. Something I realised, is that lately I’m having weird mood swings. It’s not my time of the month or anything, if any ladies are suggesting that, although I’ll just be much more affected by things? Like, I felt this morning as if today was going to be an amazing day, that nothing could stop it, since my portfolio was going well, I had a good night’s sleep, but then someone told me a joke and I didn’t get it. Suddenly I mumbled to myself that I’m an idiot and was in a crappy mood once again, being over critical with everything I do. I keep changing from being the happiest I’ve ever been, to the crappiest. I guess it’s just the stress of my portfolio, since my mind often reverts back to it in whichever mood I’m in. But later on I got into a better mood, since I learned the girl that works near me complained about my usual partner to her dad, that also works there, and will take care of it. What happened is that last week, he overreacted completely to something, which could have hurt someone. The girl had metal pieces she put aside that were scratched up. It was the only place she could really put them temporarily. The thing with that though, is that there is a possibility someone might accidentally get their leg caught on it while turning the corner. My partner almost did that as I was helping him hold metal sheets (they’re 10ft long, so usually two people are at each end), but instead of kindly asking for her to move it, he grabbed it and threw it, to the point it slid across the floor and almost hit the feet of two people passing by. He then told/slightly yelled at the girl to watch where she puts them, as he almost got hurt, except he almost hurt someone himself. The girl looked at me in shocked, but I kinda just awkwardly smiled as I was shocked myself. I didn’t think any more of it for some reason, which makes me wonder why? It was obviously something I should have took note of seriously, but I shrugged it off, and that was a huge mistake. Luckily the girl did take note of it and told me she already told her dad about it today, while I was helping her, since my temporary partner was doing something else. I might also be asked to be a witness, since I was there, but chances that might not happen, especially since I only half a week and a half of work left before I go back to school.

At home I discovered my comment now had 75 likes, then even later on 99… Let me check again now… 116… It keeps going up, haha. It’s just a YouTube comment, but dang, I only expected maybe a couple of likes.

I played a little bit of Batman and Club Penguin Rewritten, then worked on my portfolio and watched Supernatural.

That’s all for today.


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