hipsters and printers.

Finally, I have discovered a band with more than four songs that I can like. Hippo Campus.

Their music is amazing. Very hipster. Very indie. Also, the band members are really cute.

Darn hipsters and their great music. I used to internally mock them when I saw the posts about their cafes and the weird objects they used to serve food (such as mini bookshelves, spades, and various other items not meant for food preparation), but a while back my older sister updated her Snap story with a picture of her and her *boyfriend* having drinks out of large light bulbs with the very original caption “what a bright idea”, and I… was shook.

I mean, she also uploads pictures of artistic-looking desserts on fancy plates. My mom disapproves, sort of, because she thinks my sister isn’t eating “real” food.

Blossoms is also a very promising band.


Our printer still isn’t working. It’s so old, probably more than a decade old, and there’s something wrong with its drivers or something like that, so the laptop (which also sucks ass in its own way)…

Oh wait. As I was typing this, the printer (probably to prove a point after all of my shit talking) decided to work! So it seems like it prints text okay, so my essay is fine, but it doesn’t print black-and-white photos very well at all, so my SAT ticket is fucked. It doesn’t give me a nose, eyebrows, or even a skin tone.

Honestly maybe I should buy a new printer. I used to rely on the school printer for everything, but obviously, since it’s summer break, I can’t do that now. So now, installing Adobe… but… it still hasn’t helped my picture get printed in gray-scale.

What am I going to do?! I don’t know how to change settings to do things! I’m a computer noob! Could it be because I’m using a black cartridge only? I think that’s it… I think I’m just really stupid. The cartridges that fit this printer are expensive… and I’m poor. But new printers are even MORE expensive. Apparently I could maybe print things (with a price) at my library, and maybe the nearest FedEx? I don’t know… I DON’T KNOW. Ugh… I hate being poor and literally not being able to buy regular things without being worried about spending too much money.

And I still have to worry about my phone plan, since it’ll expire in a few days if I don’t pay for it. Will I have to get a new number? Will I have to get a different plan? I have no fucking idea.

I literally want to die. Everything is happening now, just when I thought I was calming down about school.

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