It must get here

How much easier my life would be,

if you were just that much closer to me.

My heart and my brain both ache for your affection,

my body craving your arms to hold me for my protection.

Thoughts and dreams consist of only you,

always on my mind and in my heart too.

He came out of nowhere and stole my heart,

started picking up every broken piece right from the start.

He has torn down walls I’ve built over the years,

he tries to take away all of my sorrow and fears.

he carefully picks up my shattered and broken pieces,

he gently puts them back together and my love for him only increases.

I’ve let him inside my darkened mind,

the shadowed playground where I keep things confined.

I love him so and he loves me,

it’s plain for us to see that we were simply just meant to be.

I am his Sally and he is my Jack,

but you see there is one small setback.

You see he is married and so am I,

but it is he whom I want to call my guy.

I want to show him compassion, caring, kindness, and love,

to spent the rest of my life proving he deserves so much more than what’s mentioned above.

He may not have been a first for many,

but I want to show him he will be my last because we shall share plenty.

He does things to me that no others do,

all the things I’ve told him that I want him to pursue.

Make love to me and fuck me and hold me tight,

talk with me about nothing until morning light.

Come please yourself and please me likewise,

do things to me that give me those deep down butterflies.

Next thing you know we will be tired and sore,

the sun is rising outside and your cares are no more.

Someday must come, it just has to get here,

so we can be together and let all of our worries just disappear.


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