Midnight Kisses

He stared at me, his face close to mine, and it was making me feel self conscious. Nervous. Was my hair a mess? Did I have something on my face? He took a step forward and I felt his hands gingerly cup both sides of my face. He slowly leaned into me and pressed his lips against mine. Lightly, with care, as if I was a doll that could be easily broken. The knot that had been rolling in my stomach all night faded quickly. A warm sensation spread through my body like wildfire as our lips intertwined in their own secret language. Like an unspoken secret shared between two lovers, we kissed again and again as we stood next to my car. I felt my lips curling upward and I couldn’t stifle my childish giggle.

He pulled away, concern plastered across his handsome face for a split second, and then the corners of his mouth lifted as well. We were laughing like two teenagers who just shared their very first kiss. We didn’t say anything, we didn’t have to. We both knew.

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