I’ve been slacking on so much stuff.  I’ve either been going out or just plain lazy.  I haven’t been to the gym in months and I’m starting to really regret it.  I spent all day the other day just eating and watching Lost reruns.  That day I was supposed to go on my friends boat but he flaked saying he had too many errands to run and then later that night I was supposed to go to dinner with Tyler so I moved my class to tonight.  Tyler never really responded to my text or confirmed our dinner plans so the next morning I was pissed and I let him know that if it kept happening, this wouldn’t last much longer.  He has done that more than once and I couldn’t really get mad at him because I never really told him it bothered me.  So now that he knows and if it keeps happening, that’s when we have a problem.  So we’ll see what happens from here on out.  As much as I like him I will not stand for another Anthony situation.  I think if you really like someone then there shouldn’t be any issues like that so if we still have these problems then he must not really be that into me and I shouldn’t waste my time.  So other than that I have two days off starting today and today I have to do a bunch of stuff I’ve been putting off.  The gym for one, then a bunch of other mundane errands, and then class later.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun.  No plans yet but hopefully something will come up. 

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