[44] ~*Fri – 08/18/17*~

[11:49 am]

Just wanted to say that I feel MUCH BETTER today. I had a morning cancellation so I was able to sleep in and now I’m working on my hair as I have to straighten it since I finally washed it last night. God, it feels so good! It almost feel weird to feel almost normal again. I’m just scared about food, I don’t want to eat normal too fast so I’m not too sure what I should eat during my day. I might just bring some crackers with me and the rest of my Gatorade cause water doesn’t help, it just makes me want to puke when I drink that. My cream soda seems to be doing it but I just have 2L, I might put some in a smaller bottle and bring it with me for today. 

It’s also CASINO TIME tonight and I sorta have a good feeling about tonight. Woot! Maybe not a $1000 worth feeling but at least a few hundreds to pay back the time I missed at work from being sick. That would be awesome!

Alright, I should go get ready for my day of work. Not too bad as I have tomorrow off. I’ll be doing some laundry tonight or maybe tomorrow. If I keep feeling better I’d really like to go to the brunch tomorrow as I’ve been wanting to go for ever and never go when I manage to have off. I’m just not too sure about how my stomach feel so I guess we shall see later on or tomorrow morning. I was also supposed to have Sun off at the store since the manager thought it was my vacation week but it wasn’t. I told her like 3-4 times that I was taking my vacation in Sept but for some reason she kept putting me for this week. I told her that it was fine I could take the day off so she had giving me the day off but then I was like “oh crap, I’m losing way too many hours in a week” so when she texted me to say she had the hours if I wanted them I took them. I was gonna go back home to the powwow on Sun but I guess I won’t be going. I don’t even remember the last time I went anyways. Mom is coming on Mon too and I’d like to take Wed off so there we go. She said she was going to leave on Wed so I wouldn’t have to take the day off but then I find that it’s not enough time so I’ll try to make her stay at least half the day Wed and maybe I could still go for my last client at 6:00.

Okay, okay, I need to get going..


[11:01 pm]

Not much to say.. just wanted to say that we didn’t win anything but what’s new. We both got $15 and came home with nada. Let’s hope for some better luck tomorrow. 




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  1. Hope you have a lovely visit with your mum. (smile)

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