Negative Spirit Attachment


August 20, 2017

10:25 am 

    The voices are quite active at the moment. It’s been quite warm out the last few days so I’m running my air conditioner. At the moment I’m hearing the voices of these negative spirit attachments coming in over the noise. It’s not too extreme, but I’d say that they are trying to bombard me with voices.

 I didn’t get that much restful sleep last night, so since it’s my day off from work today, I’m going to try and rest for awhile here in a bit.


11:30 am

  My attempt at rest was futile as is so often the case. I was getting bombarded with the voices and also the physical sensations (they reappeared after I had not felt them for a few days). Mostly, I was feeling the strange vibration sensation and it was quite intense, engulfing practically my entire shoulder area. I have noticed that this vibration sensation has picked up in intensity on occasion recently.

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