[45.1] ~*Sat – 08/19/17*~

[7:38 pm]

Blah! The Casino sucks! I got $15 for my friend and $10 for my mom and of course, came out with nothing. I think now that I won big time last week I always expect at least a little something and I always get, nothing. It’s somewhat getting frustrating. I think I’m spending more gas just to go there all the time than anything. I’m also kinda pissed cause out of four times, the $1000 was at the same place for mom so WHY DIDN’T I KEEP TAKING THE SAME CARD?! Arg! I’ve decided that if mom keeps getting those, which she prob won’t, I will always pick the same darn card. I just wish we could get at least $100 of free play money so then we can at least really play as you don’t go very far with $5-15. Oh well..

I was sorta productive for my day off. I started off doing some laundry and putting some away. I also finally washed our bedding wish is really good. I’ve just put some dishes in the dishwasher and will be doing the suggies kitchens in a lil. I want to watch an episode before cause I just ate and damn I’m full. I need a little break. Haha!

I wish I could of done the lawn cause it wasn’t hot today but it rained so of course I couldn’t do it. I’m starting to wonder when I’ll ever be able to do it. Might have to wait next summer the way it’s going. Haha! 

I also did some catching up on shows that I hadn’t watched in the past week due to being too sick to even watch shows. Now I’m all caught up so I’ll be watching Orange Is The New Black. That’s the new show I decided to watch when I don’t have anything else to watch. So far I really like it but I’m only at episode 5. I don’t know why I haven’t watched this before although when I watched the first episode I realized I had already seen it. 

Anyways, I can tell ya that it feels so good to be back to normal. It was a horrible week but I’m glad I got sick before mom was coming and not while she was here. Time sure flies! I can’t believe it’s already been a month since she was last here. Feels like just yesterday I was planning the last time she came. Talking about planning, I have no clue what we will be doing this time. I think we will take it chill this time around. Haha! I’m still thinking about that jail place but I really don’t know about it. I kinda want to try to contact the guy again but he just pissed me off so much that, I don’t know. I looked at the website where you can rent the cells and he added some info on it. Bleh! I wanted to try to maybe go for next week but then again, it’s money to spend and I should save my money since I missed a lot of work in the past week and we’re going on vacation very soon. I was hoping to win at the Casino tonight to pay for us to go on Tue but no such luck.

It’s almost 8:00 so I shall get going with watching that episode if I still want to wash those kitchens and take a bath before bed. I’m already tired so it shouldn’t take too long for me to fall asleep tonight and I want a good night sleep since I work at the store tomorrow.




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