[45] ~*Sat – 08/19/17*~

[1:05 pm]

I was up before 1 pm today. Wow! I have a day off and I don’t sleep until 3-4 pm, although I could of in the end. I kinda had to get up cause I couldn’t really sleep anymore but I also did because I wanted to go to the brunch today since we were already going to the Casino to try out last chance for that $1000. So I got up and called my friend to see if she wanted to go to the brunch since I had woken up early and BLAH HER.. she’s at her daughter’s babysitting the dogs, which I already knew, but she forgot to ask them for a key so she can’t leave the house. Me not too happy! I wanted to go to the brunch and I’m by myself as hub is working and I don’t really have many friends that I really hang out with beside her so BLAH! Looks like I won’t be going to the brunch in the end. Guess I’ll eat my left over pizza from last night as I’m hungry right now. Also looks like I’ll have to stop by her daughter’s place to pick up her card and play her money today as she can’t leave the place. I wasn’t gonna go grab it cause we haven’t been winning anything but, never know.

Since I’m staying home for now as it’s only 1:00 and we can only go for that Mystery Money at 3:00 I will take the chance and wash our bedding. It’s something I need to start doing more often or buy a second set. I just don’t really see the point of a second set cause when I wash it I want it in the room right away cause it smells good. If I wash a second set, it will just go in the closet and wait to be used and not smell as good. Anyways.. food time for now.




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