Living with a broken heart

I’m pretty sure I’ve reached the end of my rope tonight. I can’t handle anymore heartbreak. 

Nothing is ever the same anymore. Each day goes by and I feel more and more alone. I’m so unhappy. I don’t want to do this anymore but I don’t want to make life harder on our daughter because she adores you and I know she is happy when we are all together. So, I know for her sake I’ll be miserable in this marriage. There is really nothing else I can do. Tonight I just feel so numb because this pain is so familiar that I can’t even cry right now. I will continue to fake my smiles and act like everything is normal because I’ve accepted that I will be stuck in this miserable marriage until I die and I will continue to go through the motions. There is nothing else I can do. 

2 thoughts on “Living with a broken heart”

  1. Avalyn, I do not recommend you to do this. My mother went through the same thing. Faked smiles everyday, acted like everything was always fine, but deep inside, her marriage wasn’t alright. As her daughter, my heart would break if another woman went through this as long as she has. It was hard for me when I realised my parents weren’t really soulmates, but I was happy, because she was happy. The mother-daughter bond is the strongest bond you could ever have. Daughters understand everything. My dad wasn’t the best. Hell, he wasn’t good at all.. But anyways, you need to end the source of the negativity in your life, which is your marriage. Of course Im not in the place to be telling you whats up, but I am just trying to help out… Lots of love

  2. I can not imagine what you are going through and I’ve not had anything near as horrible as what you’re going through. But just remember you only have one chance to live and don’t want to live your life through fake smiles because you’ll regret it so much

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