My First

This is my first entry, and I am doing this for a way to vent and just have all my thoughts in one place.

Most times I make no sense and my mind is everywhere, but its ok as long as I understand.

Now I am unsure on where to begin since I have so much going on – I think I am gonna start with how much I hate the fact that I had to move back in with mommy. Now here I am 30+, 2 kids and living back in my old room. Happy? Not one bit. But I guess living with my ex in laws wasn’t always peachy but I must say, anything is better than living in this house again.

So, here we have Me, my son, my daughter who comes over (long story), my sister(cuz shes on break from college) my mom, a roomate she has that stays in my sisters room, which u have to cross my room to get to that room; and my uncle who lives in the basement that is a studio apartment. So yea, this is pretty tight and i must admit were not the best happy go lucky family.. Were all very moody, have strong personalities, and half the time we dont even get along. But this is my  life right now  so, welcome…….


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