[46] ~*Sun – 08/20/17*~

[10:03 pm]

Same old, same old. Worked at the store today, it was busy, didn’t have time to clean everything and I feel bad cause it looked like hell. I love cleaning but I HATE when it’s for nothing. We have to clean the store as the day go but of course you finish one spot and move on to the next, come back to the first spot and it’s a mess again. It’s such a waste of time. I wish we could stay like an hour after the store is close and really clean. Then you know that what you cleaned will stay clean until the next day. Bleh!

Anyways, mom is coming tomorrow so that’s fun. I’m still not too sure about what we will be doing this time around but I’m sure we’ll find something to do. As I’ve said before, we’re gonna take it chill this time.

Oh yea.. the manager at the store is pissing me off a bit and I feel bad. Today she asked me if I was working on Sept 3rd which is my first day of vacation so I told her, once again, that I had asked for that day off. She then tells me that she really needs me on that day and if I can take the following Sun as a vacation. I told her that I already had planned, that me and hub were going camping and she went on saying that I could go on the Mon. Blah! I’ve asked for my vacation months ago and here we go.. I’ve told her that I had already reserved the place so she goes on and ask me to go call the campground and ask them if I can switch my days. What?! I really feel bad cause honestly, I haven’t reserved yet but I mean come on, that’s my vacation and now she wants to screw it all up. So now I feel bad cause I told her I couldn’t do it as I was going camping which is true but we’re leaving on the Mon and I haven’t booked yet but I want the Sun to prep and all. Now I wonder if I should tell her that I called and I changed my time at the campground to help her out or just what ever and go on vacation as planned. I just feel bad cause she kinda fought for me to keep my job as I only work one day a week and the District Manager doesn’t like that so I feel like every time she asks me to help out that I have to do it. Arg! 




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