A great day.

Since my hubby wont be able to take off on the week of my birthday, we went to the mall to shop around a bit and spend the day together.

For the first time in my life i didnt buy anything from hot topic or spencers. I think im offically an adult. lmao. Also for the first time, i went to Victoria Secret, which has been a HUGE fear of mine.

Im not very girly and im not super comfortable with my body. However the women helping me were so incredibly sweet and helpful. I was nervous about the bra fitting, and i was suprised she got my size spot on. Im thrilled to have all new undergarments, and in this nice of quality too.

I got a small bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid, a bunch of books, and chick-fil-a for lunch. We just ordered Mr.Jims for Dinner. I also reorganized and decluttered my kitchen for 3hrs because im nesting. Joy. 

I am so emotionally exausted and worn out, but im glad i pushed myself today. I feel accomplished and content. 

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