Confessions of an Anonymous Star

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Cool Art I Purchased 

My mother who deems so dearly devoted to carrying snacks and untensils, to feed the presumed flock of the false gods, is a pedophile. 

She masterbated in front of me once(of course I did n’t want that to occur). Well it was more to my left, but because of my peripheral vision, I saw it clearly. 

So, when she goes on these bi-polar tirades(like this evening), it’s astronomically unpermittable, as it reminds me of how fucked up, she truly is. It will serve as a dear reward to succeed and expose the dark she masquerades as light amid religious relic laced bullshit. 

She’s indeed someone that needs to die already. It really would n’t exude as such obscene loss, for me at least. It’d be more like, there were some light moments, but life truly is better off without you. It truly feels that way as my life develops further. 

Shouts to anyone who overcomes the dark of bad parenting. It likely happens more than less. 



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