Day 540 – Driving lesson, birthday party & club penguin

Saturday, August 19th 2017

Today was fun!

I played on the computer for a while, and tried playing with my second parents, but my internet connection wasn’t working well with the game. 

Later on I went for my driving lessons, and we practiced turning a lot. Near the end my instructor kept saying I was doing really well, that I always check my blind spot, that I do good turns and so on. I was glad to be doing well and eventually we stopped at the side of the road so he could write down his notes, my grade, and to plan our next lesson. He then said while writing “I don’t usually give these out, since they are hard to get, but you deserve it. You get an A.” I was really happy and thanked him a lot for it. Only things I got a B for were stopping and signals. Stopping, cause of distance, and signals, since I kept accidentally using the right or left signal for the opposite now and then, then fixing it right after, as well as forgetting to turn on my hazard lights (I think the name is) on the side of the road. But everything else and overall I got an A. I’m proud of myself though! I get so nervous at first, but once I relax, it’s really easy. I need to make sure I look further ahead though, and for signs, since at some points, I missed what the driving limits were, so I would go too slowly. At least it’s better than too fast.

At home I went on my computer for a bit before picking up a friend (my dad was driving though), and then we went to my friends house for a birthday party (although her birthday was a month ago). We talked, ate sushi, and had a lot of fun! I had lots of fun making her gift, and the card, which you can see in the image.

At home I went on the computer and played tons of Club Penguin Rewritten, since my brother was watching Supernatural at the episode he was at, and he’s at season one, almost two, and I’m starting eight, so I didn’t wanna rewatch. I got a bunch of puffles and named them all words related to time, since my penguin is called Timekeeper. The white coloured one is Tick, black Tock (named as so, because of the concept of two words that are opposites, but go together, like simply black and white, and Yin and Yang), blue Traveller (like time traveller; he’s blue, loyal and generally good, so he reminded me of the Doctor), green Sunny (hint to daytime; he’s known to be energetic and goofy, so made me think of a sunny/positive person), purple Chrono (chronological; it just seemed fitting for the colour and it likes to dance, so the word reminded me of cheography), orange Jiffy (since it has a zany personality, and seemed goofy, just the sound of the name seemed very fitting, especially the -y) and yellow Epoch (it’s artistic, and epoch reminded me of possibly an art movement). I still have to adopt a red and pink one. Wonder what names I should give them. The red is active and adventurous, and the pink is also active and likes to exercise.

That’s all for today.

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