My tattoos & what they mean (2)

This Pegasus is on my right upper arm underneath another tattoo I haven’t posted here yet! This is the last tattoo I got before Harry came onto the scene, I think I got this in 2014. I love this, it’s so pretty but I might get it coloured in actually. The reason it’s not extremely detailed was this was a very spontaneous tattoo. I was with a friend who wanted a tattoo done, I’d driven us both to Porthcawl and we were just wandering the town there. We found a tattoo parlour but usually you have to book an appointment to get a tattoo done. My friend asked and the guy tattooed us there and then! I did want a Pegasus…well I was looking at anything that came under the fantasy, mythical genre and I really liked this Pegasus. That’s what it represents, my love of anything fantasy. I adore the fantasy genre; I do use it as a form of escapism and have done since I was a child and first encountered problems.

I am a massive fan of things like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean & Eragon. My favourite computer game is the Diablo trilogy. I just love that kind of thing. I like to escape this world and fantasy is another world you can lose yourself in, forget this messed up one for a while. With all the problems I’ve had with my mental health and some physical ailments I sometimes get by pretending I’m cursed and that’s what my problems are. It makes the problems easier to get your head around sometimes and manage.

Anyway, Harry is having his six hours with his dad and I’m having a much needed break! I’m just so tired. I am enjoying Harry though, he is such a sweetie 🙂 Because I have been tired the last few days Harry has been getting up before me and he gets off my bed and goes to find my mum. I could hear come back to my room and he saw I was still in bed and gave a very disappointed “oh no!”  Harry had gotten up at half 6 and apart from feeling exhausted I keep waking up with a terrible bad back 🙁

I’ve been enjoying watching Harry play too. He’s got one of those toys where he activates a series of buttons or switches and an animal pops up. Harry is really into a programme called Timmy Time that features Timmy the sheep and I sing the theme tune an awful lot all these TV theme tunes for babies & children really get stuck in my head. So of course to Harry all sheep are called Timmy. Harry was with his pop up toy and suddenly I hear him going “where Timmy, where Timmy,” and he’s looking around his pop up toy, then he sets of the switch and the sheep pops up and Harry acts all happily surprised and points at the sheep and goes “aww, there Timmy!” I found it so cute. The same when I took him to the Pray & Play group on Wednesday and was playing with a duplo set; they often have some animals and he was sitting there waving the sheep around going “Hi Timmy, hi Timmy!” Awww 😀

Hence why I got him a farm animal cake for his second birthday back in June 😀

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