Are we in the era of escalating vanity?

So many strike a pose

It’s where anything goes

Once or twice ain’t enough

There’s always that extra dose


Like, selfies and Photoshop

Online purchases ‘til you drop

It’s a start, but you won’t stop

No audience and you will sob


Is this the era of escalating vanity?

Let’s be honest: we want the whole world to see

How good or bad our lives can be

We often make each other feel ugly

Our silent screams say: “Me! Me! ME!!”


Has the digital life stolen

All the oxygen

From our brains

Distorted our common sense?

I mean, what’s with the arguing with strangers for some sick satisfaction,

A mental bloodsport called trolling,

Consistent bullying,

Until souls are drained within,

Derailed from their tracks,

Like trains on an accident?

Oh, what a pain!


If this is the era of escalating vanity,

Then God, help me

How do I survive this endless spin

Without feeling dizzy

And eventually going crazy?



  1. You survive by getting off of facebook. Only checking messages and such. I’m in that boat myself, getting sick of dealing with shallowness. I’m older now, but even when I was younger, people were doing this. We are now programmed to let the world know how we are doing and such.

    I haven’t taken a selfie in so long now that I forgot how the internet sees me. Not really complaining.

    Just remember, those who are more worried about their looks are usually the ones who cannot handle a crisis or any type of “drama” that trickles into their lives. They don’t know how to turn off friendships because they know that the world will see them differently online if someone confronts them there. Let them learn it the hard way.

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