Too Considerate

I spend so much energy thinking about how my words come across to others, before they leave my mouth.
Being a kind person isn’t a bad thing, but trying to read every single person’s mind, is a curse.
I always assume everyone is oversensitive and I’m always scared to hurt people, even though I know it’s not in my nature to say something offensive.

It’s exhausting.

2 thoughts on “Too Considerate”

  1. I totally agree, it’s exhausting and draining and sometimes I’m sick of it. It’s really important to remember when you’re being kind it comes from the heart (sounds cheesy) but not come from the mind! It’s lest exhausting if you go with the flow. If you’re with people that doesn’t allow you to be yourself and say what you want then I feel like you need to cut them out of your life. Of cause it doesn’t have to be like that but I always believe you should comfortable with the people around you.

  2. I feel the same way sometimes. The other day, I snapped and made fun of someone who was irritating me. People got so mad about it. We’re all human. Yes it is good to consider other peoples’ feelings and good to care about your fellow humans, but sometimes you just have to be blunt, even if it hurts some people or kills a friendship. It is very weird at first, but that feeling of finally being a dick can sometimes be a great relief.

    Walking on eggshells all day long will kill you faster than cigs or cancer in my opinion.

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