[47] ~*Mon – 08/21/17*~

[11:34 pm]

I don’t know how I feel about the Casino anymore. All this gambling isn’t good. We went out to the Casino, once again, cause we had free money so mom and my friend played their money and didn’t win but then mom kept playing with her own money, still didn’t win. I played my $5 and turned it into $70. Woot woot! Then I got like mom and thought I could turn another $20 into something else but I ended up losing it. Sad! Still good, I didn’t spend any money as the $5 was free so even if I spent $20 and lost it I still came home $50 richer than when I went. Hehe! Was about time that I won some more money. It sucks though cause my friend NEVER won anything. She even spent $10 of her own money and nothing. Makes me feel bad when I win. I normally share with her but this time I kept it all cause mom asked me to send $40 to my bro earlier so I’ll take it from the money I won and won’t make her repay me. Now she’s gone at Jack’s and hope she’ll win over there cause she spend all her money at the Casino. I’m glad I had kept her $200 until we got home or she would of spent that too.

Anyways, mom is here.. yay! She brought some lobsters which was delicious. It’s funny cause last night I told her she had to bring some and I didn’t think she would but she had gotten some from the left over at the powwow. Only thing, I don’t think it did any good to my stomach cause I was back to the toilet after eating it. Blah! I had gotten back to normal with my stool and now back to where I was. Oh well..

I still haven’t decided what to do with work for that Sun. I just checked the campground and the treehouse we normally rent is already booked for the Sun so we couldn’t go on that day anyways unless we take a different one. Still, I really don’t feel like working on that day as I had planned on being off and packing our camping stuff and hub is off so if I do go to work I’m losing a day with him. I also see that the treehouse we want is booked for the Wed night which sucks cause I wanted to go for three days this year instead of two but looks like we will only be going for two if again, we take that treehouse. It really doesn’t matter which one we take we just like that one cause the bed is a queen instead of a double which is a big difference for us cause at home we have a king so going from a king to a double is like we’re sleeping on top of each other. I’ll have to ask hub tonight or tomorrow to see if we are sure to be going and book before someone else does. Normally there isn’t anyone booking as school as started and all but I guess this year there’s a few.

Ouff! I’m sorta super tired suddenly. I want to watch Chesapeake Shores but I’m not too sure anymore as I feel super tired. I’m also looking at the movies to see what we could go see tomorrow. Mom said she wanted to go see Daddy’s Home which I’ve already seen but I wouldn’t mind going again. It only plays at 1 pm thought as it’s a special come back for summer and I’m not too sure if I’ll be up for that time. It’s my day off and I like to sleep. I could wake up for noon but I’d have to go to bed real soon. So again, not sure if I should watch the episode or just go to bed and watch it some other time.

Okay, it’s decided, I’m going to bed..




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