Alpha Camp Learning Journal Wk1

1. Objective: What did you do this week?
Develop deeper understanding in marketing and branding theories.

2. Reflective: How did you feel this week?
Despite the knowledge that we have on hand, the industry and market requirements is constantly changing. The same goes with marketing methods. We have to adopt different concept to deal with different market situation.

3. Interpretive: What did you learn this week?  Any reflection, questions and problems.
Initially I wasn’t quite ready to open up on own thoughts. But Alpha camp mentors and instructors are very receptive to new ideas and encourage the class to work and interact freely. I thought this is was very good with my learning and I can share my views freely and get to know whether I am on the right track in my studies.

4. Decisional: What are you going to do next week?
I will continue to interact and learn more from my classmates and mentors to improve my skills in digital marketing.

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