I sometimes forget what year it is and it takes about a few seconds to realize it. Nevertheless, I hope that I’m not the only one who has to go through this issue at times. 

Anyways, this is my first journal. I’ve signed up on other ones online before, but I haven’t been consistent on them and hence failed. Hopefully, I’ll be a better and an active one in here.  

So, while I munch on a mouthful of those roasted banana chips, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Ryan G. Not my real name of course. It’s the one name I usually use to draw a line where I don’t want my online life to connect to the real one. The Internet is not a forgiving place to leave my footprints in with my real identity. So, coming back to my name that I have chosen for this particular online journal writing purpose is my pen name. 

I’m reaching my mid-twenties and I believe I’m getting old. I had a little chat with my cousin yesterday, who is a year elder to me. He said that he is in his sweet spot right now, and at this age, this is where he would prefer to live eternally. Having understood that I believe that everyone has their own sweet age. I don’t know what mine is… is it upcoming in the near future or has it all passed. I can assure you the time when I felt invincible was back in my high school, where I could have any girl I wanted, had a school full of friends, heart breaks, fights, being an integral part of the varsity soccer team, most popular actor, etc. etc. Sure there were many things I regretted, and if I have the chance now I would go back and would like to fix things up. There was a girl… actually there were two and I would like to dedicate an entire entry on them for it. 

I’m sure that by now you would have noticed that emotions tend to carry me out of the context. This is why I’m graded less in academics, I have a hard time writing on point. Hmmm.

Anyways, before you start getting all sick and tired of reading my first entry full of crack I’ll round it up to a few bullet points and end it about me:

A) Age early mid-twenties

B) Graduate in Economics & Political Science

C) Aspiring plenipotentiary

D) Further studies in Law and & Corporate governance

E) Relationship Status: Complicated(Straight)

Now, I don’t want to reveal altogether about me because there’s no point in that. I like how my writing speaks for me.

It feels so great to share and thanks for reading.

Until next time.

Ryan G.

P.S. Please feel free to comment and take part in my not so fascinating life

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