Day 10 continued

As the day went on I started to feel better. I took a nap and i woke up feeling so much better. I ate some food and im telling you I ate a lot. I did feel bad that i didnt get to the cemetery but I cant go all the time.  I needed a break.  So instead i cleaned the family room did some laundry. John fixed the dishwasher.  Then he helped me set up the slip and slide! Then I decided to go down the slip and slide twice and i got battle wounds. LOL they are going to hurt tomorrow. Im way to old for the slip and slide lol. So then we came in and we got ready for bed.  The girls played and they are both asleep already.  I just hope that tomorrow is a better day. Im just over this anxiety..This is horrible. Anyways I gotta go sitting here watching fifty shades darker. Nothing else is on..So goodnight sleep tight.

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