Day 21 – 30 Days of Family

Don’t look back to see if you missed a bunch of days….you didn’t.  I quit writing.  And yes, I missed Day 12 too.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks and our friend group has been together a lot, which is perfection, and I just haven’t had time. Honestly, I’m having too much fun this summer to worry about the things I’m not getting done.   

My house is a little messy, my clothes are mostly on the floor right now and my “office” is sprawled out across my living room….and I couldn’t be happier!  The days are glorious and, if I’m not outside enjoying, I’m probably inside catching a nap to refuel so I can go back outside.  

Today is the solar eclipse, most major one in a bunch of years, and people are nuts.  Travelling all over the countryside to get the best view, buying glasses so they can look at it, so many warnings not to look with unprotected eyes….ugh….so much hype.  I very much dislike the pomp and circumstance events receive. It’s just too much for my brain and by the time the event occurs I’m so sick of it I can’t wait for it to be over so everyone can just shut the hell up and go back to daily life. One more hour… more hour. 🌔

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