The amazing work of animals.

I can hear my rabbit, she’s always chewing the walls. I call her theorpy bunny, because she has improved my mood better than any doctor or pill. Every morning I get up early and make her a veggie breakfast. I sit with her while she eats. Instead of tucking in she jumps up and cleans me. Cuddly wee thing! Animals are incredible. 

My gran died two months ago, she was young and it was sudden. I named my rabbit after her (joey-jojo for short) , and sometimes I swear they have the same personalities. Grumpy! After granny died,  the day of her funeral I couldn’t cope and ended up breaking down at a church beside the bus stop. A cat came up jamp on my lap and purred for ages. I was over the moon as I knew the cats owners and previously attempted to pet the cat and been told she doesn’t like people and she actually chooses to stay outside away from human contact. So for her to sit and comfort me really gave me strength. Afterwards she walked me home. A few weeks ago I told the owner about her cats behaviour and she seemed confused but was really happy to know her cats understanding. It’s not the first time this has happened. I had three cats as a teen, and when I found out bad news they always lay on me and wouldn’t move in till I stopped crying. 

That’s why we got Jojo, I knew she’d save me. We have tried making Jojo friends but she is a person rabbit. Likes people not other animals. 

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